Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fappening 2.0: Nude Photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Mischa Barton Leaked

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After three years the Fappening is happening again. The Fappening are leaked nude photos of celebrity taken from iCloud and posted on the the internet. The photos of the Fappening 2.0 were posted on Reddit and it shows explicit images of actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson on Wednesday. It's unclear if the pictures are authentic but it is very obvious that they are real.

The leaked photos of Amanda Seyfried shows her performing sex acts with then-boyfriend Justin Long. She is pregnant with her first child.

With regards to Emma Watson, it shows multiple photos of Watson supposedly in a bathtub, though her face is not shown.
 There's also a video clip with Watson in naked in the bathtub. There are also photos of her trying out bathing-suit.

By Wednesday, neither actress responded to the images. It’s unclear how the unnamed hacker acquired the photos.

The hacker promised to release more nude photos of more celebrities which includes Kylie Jenner, Marisa Tomei, Giada de Laurentiis and more of Jennifer Lawrence, Abigail Spencer and Victoria Justice.

Check out the complete photos here:
Amanda Seyfried
Emma Watson

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