Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Winner

Phillip Phillips wins American Idol Season 11. Congratulations!!!

American Idol's Finale has the lowest-rated and least-watched performance finale

American Idol's Finale has the lowest-rated and least-watched performance finale
Despite of strong showing of Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

The show last Tuesday before either Phillips or Jessica Sanchez is crowned the winner Wednesday has delivered the shows lowest-rated and least-watched performance finale ever, according to Nielsen.

"Idol" earned a 4.2 rating/13 share in the key demographic of adults aged 18 to 49, its worst outing since the show premiered back in summer 2002.

The one-hour performance finale delivered 14.4 million total viewers, another record low for "Idol" and far worse than the two-hour season finale for "Dancing With the Stars" that started at 9 p.m. (17.4 million, also a new low for that show).

On the bright side for Fox, "Idol" easily won the 8 p.m. hour and provided a solid lead-in for the season finale for "Glee" at 9 p.m. (7.6 million).

Many fans and commentators have predicted Phillips will win the show, although Sanchez is considered the more accomplished technically of the two. On Tuesday, Phillips won plaudits for his new song "Home."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ray J hospitalized

Singer and reality TV star Ray J was hospitalized for "exhaustion and jet lag" early Monday morning, following the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.
TMZ reports that Ray J, whose given name is William Ray Norwood, was found in his hotel room appearing "out of it" and unable to get out of bed. The disoriented star was taken to a hospital for immediate attention and is still in the hospital's care.

Erin Andrews Dating Chace Crawford

Erin Andrews of ESPN and actor Chace Crawford are dating, according to Us Weekly. The pair have been spotted out and about in New York several times now and are sparking rumors galore about their relationship.

Andrews, 34, is a well-known sportscaster and co-hosts College Gameday on ESPN, and Crawford is a 26-year old actor who appears regularly on the show Gossip Girl.

World's largest outdoor pool

The Crystal Lagoon, located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, is the world's largest outdoor pool, stretching more than half of a mile and filled with 66 million gallons of water.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley New Album

Lisa Marie Presley 44, the only child of The King Elvis has a new album "Storm and Grace," out this week.

"I made some pretty angry and defensive (songs) probably anticipating what was expected of me and fighting against it ... there was a lot of production and hiding behind things, not really wanting to lay myself out there because I was afraid or feeling too vulnerable," she told Reuters.

"Once I got that out of my system ... I just quieted and calmed down ... In this process of writing this record, I found a better bed for myself and my voice and my writing to lie in."

Her previous albums were marketed for Top 40 chart success, a genre in which Presley said she never belonged. In an off-the-cuff remark she called "Storm And Grace" her anti-pop record.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avengers took $29.1 million Friday

In its second weekend in theaters, The Avengers is still breaking records — this time, it’s headed for the best second weekend in box office history. The superhero ensemble film took in a gargantuan $29.1 million on Friday, which should lead to a weekend in the $95-105 million range — far more than current record hold Avatar, which earned $75.6 million in its second frame.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fictional Stories about Demi Lovato Blog

Hey, check out my friend's cool blog about Demi Lovato. Her story are fictional but they are pretty cool!