Monday, November 3, 2014

Brittany Maynard 29 years old Cancer Patient Ends her Life

Brittany Maynard, cancer, patient

Brittany Maynard 29, who is suffering from brain cancer died in her bedroom last Saturday in the arms of her loved ones. Maynard got the world's attention when she posted a video explaining the choice to end her life through doctor-assisted suicide. In Oregon, doctors are allowed to prescribe, but not administer, life-ending drugs. 

Maynard is an advocate of "death with dignity" law.

Sean Crowley, the spokesman for Compassion & Choices group said that she "suffered increasingly frequent and longer seizures, severe head and neck pain, and stroke-like symptoms. As symptoms grew more severe, she chose to abbreviate the dying process by taking the aid-in-dying medication she had received months ago." I can't blame her to choose death through this means. It's hard to bear to see a love ones suffering so much pain. For her and her loved ones choosing death is the humane way to escape the suffering and pain. A sad ending...

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