Monday, July 9, 2012

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' 4th Of July Photos

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds

Series of photos from the Fourth of July shows the couple smiling, laughing, and smooching while spending time with the actress’s family in New York.

Reynolds, 35, and Lively, 24, got together last October, and were spotted on Wednesday sharing more than a few steamy kisses, despite the presence of the actress’s family.

“The ‘Gossip Girl’ star, clad in a 1940's-style polka-dot halter swimsuit, wrapped her arms around Reynolds, looking casual in a white tanktop and khakis, as the two locked lips.”

While Blake Lively showed off her fantastic figure in the vintage-style suit, she admitted to US Weekly recently that she doesn’t even work hard to keep in shape. She dished”

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