Friday, August 10, 2012

Ann Curry Still Isn't Pleased to See Matt Lauer reunion on 'Today'

Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, London Olympics

Its former co-host Ann Curry does a segment at the London Olympics with Matt Lauer.

For the first time since her emotional departure from "Today"in late June, Ann Curry appeared alongside her former co-host Matt Lauer on Thursday morning in a live broadcast from the London Olympics. She still hates Matt Lauer, that's what people say and it is really obvious. "Lauer said 'nice to see you' at the outset and 'good to see you' at the end. Curry returned neither sentiment."

If you watch the video of their encounter, you'll see she can barely make eye contact with Lauer when she says "good morning".

Curry holds resentment for her $25 million-per-year co-host for not standing up for her when NBC executives gave her the boot.

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