Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lohan wants out of Betty Ford after docs took away her Adderall

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Lindsay Lohan wants out of The Betty Ford Center because the doctors at the world famous drug treatment center have taken away her supply of Adderall.

Lindsay has been taking Adderall for her ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) however, doctors wants to stop it and use a non-addictive Adderall alternatives to treat her ADHD. According to TMZ, doctors determined that Lohan does not need Adderall.

The reason doctors want their patients to stop taking Adderall is that they believe many Hollywood stars use the drug as a weight-control drug.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney sentenced Lindsay Lohan, 26, to a 90-days locked-down rehabrehabilitation facility in March, and she finally entered Betty Ford last week.

Earlier this week, Lohan was complaining that she wasn’t allowed out of Betty Ford Center like going out shopping, while other patients are allowed out.

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