Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hollyweird Brat Justin Bieber bites stripper's boob with friend Khalil Sharieff

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Justin Bieber is acting out maybe because his career is going down the drain. There's a photo reported by TMZ that shows Justin Bieber and his non-famous friend Khalil Sharieff sucking the breast of a female stripper at a party.

Well, the stripper looks old and looks like his mother which maybe the reason why Bieber likes to breast-feed.

And the list keeps on getting longer, DUI, drag racing, assault, vandalism and other charges, Bieber's plane was detained on suspicion of marijuana possession after landing at a New Jersey airport yesterday.

Customs dogs reportedly signaled that two pieces of luggage had traces of marijuana, though none was found, and Bieber were released.

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