Friday, September 2, 2016

Amy Schumer Gets Heckled in Stockholm, Told Amy to Show Him Her "Tits"

Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer heckler, Amy Schumer heckled
Amy Schumer's heckler

Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer heckler, Amy Schumer heckled

Amy Schumer gets heckled by a sexist man at her stand-up show in Stockholm, Sweden last Wednesday night. She put the sexist heckler in his place before he was escorted out of the venue while the audience were applauding.

The man who looks Middle-Eastern interrupted her in the middle of her show by yelling, "Show us your tits!" Schumer replied, "OK, wait. I want the guy who just yelled that to come up here. It's too good. Everybody point at him so I know which one."

The people near the heckler pointed at him, he was wearing a shirt that read, "I love p---y." Classy. Schumer ask him what he do for a living, he said he does sales, Amy continued heckling him right back, "Sales. How's that workin' out? Is it going well? 'Cause we're not buying it."

"Now that's really cute. But if you yell out again, you're going to be yelling 'show your tits,' to someone in the parking lot", she added.

Amy asked the security to let him stay, and just issue a warning but the sexist heckler couldn't resist. A few minutes later he shouted something else, and Amy gave him the boot. "I was about to go anyway," he said.

The crowd cheered as he was escorted out, and Schumer waved good bye. "We're going to miss you so much," she said in her most sarcastic tone.

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