Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Been following this hashtag #InternetTVShows, check out some hilarious TV Shows that have been transformed into a joke with a world wide web term.

Here are some of the funny things that these jokers come up with:

- Duck Face Dynasty
- Cybersex And The City
- Dukes of Farmers Only dot Com
- Homepage Improvement
- Magnum I. P Address
- Netflix and Chill Street Blues
- Facebook the Nation
- My name is URL
- Wheel of 4chan
- The Good Wifi
- The Fresh Prince of Nigeria
- Troll Train
- Buffering the Vampire Slayer
- Dancing with the Avatars
- How I Swiped Right and Met Your Mother
- Beverly Hills
- Remington Steele's Dick Pics
- Lost in MySpace
- Doogie Browser, WebMd
- H*A*S*H Tag
- eBay Watch
- Murder, She Tweeted
- Game of Chromes
- LiveJournal with Kelly and Michael
- Mad About YouTube
- Gilmore Gifs
- Bing of the Hill
- America Online's Got Talent
- The @-ams Family
- Friends with Wi-fi
- American Snapchat Horror Story
- LAN of the Lost
- Sesameme Street
- Gold is the New Blue
 Gold is the New Blue

#InternetTVShows, funny


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